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Every three years NCWWA elects an Executive Committee comprising President, two Vice-Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Coordinator of Standing Committees, Communications Officer, and 8 Executive Committee Members.


2017-2018 Executive Committee


President:                             Robyn  Nolan


Vice President                      Marion Ward


Vice President:                    Dawn Butterworth AO




Treasurer:                            Sally Plummer


Communications Officer/

 Assistant secretary:             Merrill Cole


Coordinator of Standing Committees:

                                                Jan Rose


Affiliate Members:


                                       Laurel Pearce


                                                 Lois Stout


                                                    Sally Warner


                                        Linda Elezovich


                                        Flavia Zimmerman





Associate Members:

                                       Daphne Thacker JP


                                       Lorraine Finlay 


Young National Council of Women WA          


                                 Jessica Thorpe-Gudgeon  









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