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Congratulations to the 2022 NCWWA STEM Bursary recipient, Abigail Elezovich.


Abigail Elezovich is the NCWWA STEM Bursary Recipient. Abigail is studying a Bachelor of Science

in Molecular, Medical and Forensic Science majoring in both Forensic Biology and Psychological

studies at Murdoch University. Abigail is in her second year in 2022.

As Abigail stated in her application for the NCWWA STEM Bursary

“Generally speaking most, if not all scientific fields are male dominated careers. This maybe due to women having fear of not belonging or lower aspirations from constant reminders of men being the ones to be scientists. In this generation it is extremely inspiring to see a rise of women being interested in scientific careers as I truly believe we can bring a new perspective and new original ideas to the table.”

Abigail is a former Year 12 Student Captain at her school and achieved the Baden Powell Award in

Girl Guides for the challenge of further developing refined leadership skills and outdoor skills as

well as dedicated community service and personal growth.

Congratulations Abigail!







The Bursary is available to a female student studying a STEM course in Western Australia at 

year 12, TAFE or University level.

Applicants must be Australian Citizens and address the following criteria:

•academic excellence 

•financial need

•study in a non-traditional area for women

•how studies will benefit women, families and the wider community






The Paddy Firstenberg applications were asked to address the selection criteria of

•demonstrated leadership ability

•service as a role model or mentor

•commitment to the empowerment of women

•how the business industry or community has benefited from the nominee's contribution


Pamela Govender

Congratulation to Pamela Govender the recipient of the 2019 Paddy Firstenberg Memorial Award.

Pamela was the guest speaker at the NCWWA September meeting. 


Changes are  underway for the Paddy Firstenberg Memorial Award.

From 2020 the Award will be for Leadership, to a Western Australian Girl Guide 18-35 years of age.

Paddy was a long term and dedicated member of the Girl Guides.  



 The NCWWA President's Award was first introduced in 2017.  The Award is presented to

someone. who makes a significant contribution in a variety of ways to NCWWA over the last 

twelve months. 

The 2019 NCWWA Award winner is Laurel Pearce. 

Congratulations  Laurel !